Boasting Roman monuments and sites, like Kamara, Rotunda and the Roman Agora (Marketplace); Byzantine ones, like the churches of St Panteleimonas, Achiropiitos, St Dimitrios and others; and of the Ottoman Period, like the Loutra Paradisos (Paradise Baths) the area above Egnatia has a lot to show!

Here, you will also find the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (APTh), the biggest university of Greece with over 70,000 students. This means that the area attracts many young people who choose to live and go out here due to its proximity to the university campus.

The distinction below and above Egnatia has always stood out in the consciousness of the locals. Above Egnatia means above the ‘refined’ centre. Today however, the Egnatia-and-beyond part of the city is claiming a high position in the preferences of many locals, as it is evolving and transforming dynamically, like the Olympou street hangouts, which started off as “underground”, have gradually evolved into alternative venues, and are now heading towards mainstream.

In the neighborhood behind the Old Town Hall, Karaván Saráï, new hangouts are sprouting, and after Ionos Dragoumi old, deserted or decadent arcades get a new lease of life as they now host ventures that combine entertainment and culture, creativity and imagination. Everything shows that this part of the town not only plays an important role in the scene of the city, but it has not said its last word yet…

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Shortlisted Choices

In case you do not have enough time to go to all these fine establishments let’s cut the list short:

  • For coffee: Lux or Ippopótamos;
  • for lunch or dinner: Moúrga, Salumería (for the view) or Ouzo Kosmas; and
  • for a drink: Bord de l’Eau.

To get a real feel of the town, location + quality is what matters!

A culinary –and more– tour of the city centre, with a local as your guide!

A guide to the flavours you can taste in our city,
based on our personal preferences!

We recommend these places for their style, the quality of the services they offer and their special atmosphere. They are top choices for the locals and add something to the physiognomy of the city. They set high standards for their competitors, and despite the financial straits the country is in, they will still be there for years to come. They are the places we choose to go to, each for its kind and style, depending on the occasion, the people we are with, the mood and of course …how much we want to spend.

For coffee or a drink under the sycamores. St Georgiou Square (behind Rotunda)

In the pink landmark house on the right of the pedestrian Street, it is a coffee bar and an art space. You can go with your friends, sit in one of its rooms and feel at home.

Rosticceria Di Salonicco
Italian cuisine. A small authentic trattoria. In Armenopoulou Str.

For coffee or a drink under the sycamores. St Georgiou Square (behind Rotunda).

A bistrot at Konstantinou Melenikou Str.

Exclusively fish based cuisine, creative, experimental. In Christopoulou Str.

Ouzo Kosmas
A neighborhood tavern in Platonos Str. For fresh fish.

Kitsch kai s’ Éfaga
Delicious cuisine. Simple cool atmosphere, in Olympou Str.

For a nice coffee or a drink at the Roman Market. Olympou 83

For a nice glass of wine and mezé at the Roman Agora (Market).

Siviría Pelméni
Russian cuisine in Iounstinianou Str.

At the beginning of Olympou Str. at the pedestrian area of the Byzantine church of Dódeca Apostoli, a simple tavern with a view of the church and tables outdoors. Interesting, mediterranean cuisine, reasonable prices.

For tripe soup. In Olympou Str.

Historic confectionery store that specializes in syrup desserts. Venizelou Str.

Iraklis (Hercules)
Historic store selling all kinds of nuts.

Kafodio Greek
Coffee, drinks, snacks in the corner of Venizelou and Egnatia Str. Live music on the first floor. Don’t forget to have a look at the part of Via Egnatia that was uncovered during the works for the underground train!

2 Concept Store
In Iounstinianou Str (behind the old Town Hall). Vintage style that combines two purposes. On the ground floor it is a coffee bar, where all the furniture has been made by the owners and is for sale and on another level there is an exhibition hall with renovated furniture from the ’60s and ’70s, installations and an art gallery.

Bord de l’Eau
Hidden in a commercial arcade, walk past the stairway and the elevators and you will find yourself in a unique multi-spaces of Thessaloniki with contemporary design and urban culture. For coffee, drinks, snacks and music.

A Culinary Tour

A few words about the centre of Thessaloniki
The centre of Thessaloniki is small and compact. You can walk from its East-End to its West-End in 30 minutes (walking fast – no window shopping). We can say, however, that it comprises four distinct zones that differ from one another in style, atmosphere, as well as the functions they serve:

A: White Tower and its environs

B: Marketplace & Nikis Av.

C: Limáni & the Ladádika

D: Above Egnatia

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