You are in the harbor. A different wind blows here. The first wharf parted from the rest of the commercial harbor and affiliated itself with the rest of the city. It was embraced and loved by the locals, and is now a hub of entertainment and culture. Three museums are housed in renovated former harbor warehouses: the State Museum of Modern Art, the Photography Museum, and the Cinema Museum. Two more former warehouses house the four movie theatres that are located on the first wharf and project the movies that participate in the Film Festival of Thessaloniki or the Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki while these are running and special screenings and tributes during the rest of the year.

A walk in the harbor will help you capture the unique relation that the city bears to the sea. It feels like you are on a boat, the constant undulation may dizzy you, while the view to the city is just enchanting. Above the harbor you will find yourself in the Old Oil Market area (Ladádika), which got its name from its many wholesale stores there used to be in the area that sold oil. Tsimiski Street divides them into the Lower (Pano) and the Upper (Kato) Ladádika.

The Kato Ladádika district was redeveloped in the ’90s and was completely taken over by restaurants, taverns and clubs. The Pano Ladádika is of much greater interest, since it retained its stores of diverse uses. New entertainment and other ventures were added to the old uses, alternative, avant-garde ones. Here, you will find Valaoritou street, which over the last years changed the nightlife scene of the city by attracting the young to its hangouts.

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Shortlisted Choices

In case you do not have enough time to go to all these fine establishments let’s cut the list short:

  • For coffee: Kitchen Bar;
  • for lunch or dinner: Sebriko, Maitre & Margarita or Zithos; and
  • for a drink: Ypsilon.

To get a real feel of the town, location + quality is what matters!

A culinary –and more– tour of the city centre, with a local as your guide!

A guide to the flavours you can taste in our city,
based on our personal preferences!

We recommend these places for their style, the quality of the services they offer and their special atmosphere. They are top choices for the locals and add something to the physiognomy of the city. They set high standards for their competitors, and despite the financial straits the country is in, they will still be there for years to come. They are the places we choose to go to, each for its kind and style, depending on the occasion, the people we are with, the mood and of course …how much we want to spend.

Kitchen Bar
Housed in a renovated warehouse inside the harbor, it offers a magnificent view of the city. A coffee there, is a must.

Mpakaliarakia sto Limani (Cod in the Harbor)
A classic for fish and chips, right opposite the harbor. In the corner of Kountourioti and Fasianou.

Small restaurant with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Ilia Oplopiou Str.

Zithos (Ζύθος)
In the beautiful Katouni Square. Friendly, lively atmosphere, 50 different kinds of beer, and a variety of dishes, both Greek and international cuisine.

It combines food and entertainment (glenti: dancing and having fun). Try it, if you wish to have an experience of this sort.

Maitre & Margarita
A wine restaurant in Verias and Irodou Attikou Str. A group of young people are trying to promote the idea of quality low-cost food.

Edesis Str. Housed in a building that survived the great fire in 1917, it is one of the most important contemporary monuments. You can have coffee, lunch, a drink or a cocktail in the evening. There may also be a performance or live music.

Ouzeri Agorá
In Kapodistriou and Ionos Dragoumi Str. A classic ouzo-mezé hangout in a quiet pedestrian alley. It also offers the option of the ‘tapas bar’, where the chef takes your order and prepares your dish on the spot.

Eliá-Lemóni (Olive-Lemon)
Tasty food and reasonable prices in a nice environment in Valaoritou Str.

In a little square behind the Western Wall of the city and the Court Rooms, it is a very special restaurant with a very special cuisine. Fragon Str.

Pizza, take-away or on the spot. Sygrou and Vilara Str.

A Culinary Tour

A few words about the centre of Thessaloniki
The centre of Thessaloniki is small and compact. You can walk from its East-End to its West-End in 30 minutes (walking fast – no window shopping). We can say, however, that it comprises four distinct zones that differ from one another in style, atmosphere, as well as the functions they serve:

A: White Tower and its environs

B: Marketplace & Nikis Av.

C: Limáni & the Ladádika

D: Above Egnatia

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