After Iktinou, toward Agias Sofias and Aristotelous until Ionos Dragoumi Str. you will find yourself in the core of the city market. Residences here are fewer compared to office blocks and the shops house international firms the likes of Zara, Attica, H&M and so on that every self-respecting city must have in its Main Street. And this is Tsimiski Street.

In the first parallel toward the seafront, Mitropoleos Street, you will find boutiques and the quality shoe shops. The second parallel, Proxenou Koromila Str, the former “Via Veneto”, which hosted the top designer brand names that departed during the years of the crisis and is partially in decline, you will find more eccentric, stylish boutiques, gift shops and tasteful little shops selling bric-a-brac and decorative items. And of course, it is cafes, bars and restaurants that flourish here. There are many places where you can catch a breath, getaways from the bustle of the city centre. And the style is urban chic!

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Shortlisted Choices

In case you do not have enough time to go to all these fine establishments let’s cut the list short:

  • For coffee: Stretto, Café Nikis 35, Thermaïkós;
  • for lunch or dinner: Clochard, Ouzeri Aristotelous, Daios Food Bar Restaurant; and
  • for a drink: Bazaar, Duende Jazz Bar.

To get a real feel of the town, location + quality is what matters!

A culinary –and more– tour of the city centre, with a local as your guide!

A guide to the flavours you can taste in our city,
based on our personal preferences!

We recommend these places for their style, the quality of the services they offer and their special atmosphere. They are top choices for the locals and add something to the physiognomy of the city. They set high standards for their competitors, and despite the financial straits the country is in, they will still be there for years to come. They are the places we choose to go to, each for its kind and style, depending on the occasion, the people we are with, the mood and of course …how much we want to spend.

For many people, the best restaurant in town. In Proxenou Koromila Str.

Orizontes Roof Garden
In the wonderful roof garden of Electra Palace Hotel in Aristotelous square, enjoy the magnificent view while having your coffee, lunch or dinner!

be* Restaurant
The restaurant of the 5star Excelsior Hotel on the corner of Mitropoleos and Komninon Str. Urban chic style.

Grada Nuevo
In the corner of Komninon and Kalapothaki Str. Gourmet.

Daios Food Bar Restaurant
The coffee bar restaurant of the 5star Daios Luxury Living.

Brasserie. It has a balcony on the first floor with a view of Thermaikos Bay from higher up.

It also has a balcony on the 1st floor. Coffee, bar, restaurant.

Ouzeri Aristotelous
Fish based menu in a special environment, as this restaurant is located in a passageway, as you go up Aristotelous, first righr after Tsimiski Str. A classic.

Italian restaurant, in Athonos Square.

In Athonos Square, meat based menu.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant, an authentic “green” hangout for vegetarians & vegans, in Athonos area.

It reigns in three places; St Sofia and Tsimiski Str; St Sofia and Ermou Str; & Tsimiski and Aristotelous Str. Famous for its tsourekia (special pastries) and all its sweets in general, they also have sitting areas where you can have your coffee.

One of the oldest bakeries in town. In Karolou Ntil over Tsimiski Str.

Resiniotou by Hand (Διά χειρός Ρετσινιώτου)
The best pies! In Kastritsiou street (Athonos Square area).

Café Stretto
A classic for a coffee or a drink. In Karolou Ntil Str.

Café Gazia
A pleasant corner in a pedestrian zone in Karolou Ntil Str.

Historic coffee bar that changes hands but always remains interesting. Proxenou Koromila.

Another all time classic coffee bar that also has an interesting menu. On the first alley between Ermou Str and Athonos Square.

Toms Thessaloniki Store
The most unexpected patio in the underground arcade of the old Post Office, in Tsimiski Str.

At the two cafés of Olympion cinema, in Aristotelous Square, Green Room and Room with a View (Δωμάτιο Με Θέα), on the first and fifth floor respectively, you can enjoy your coffee or drink with a splendid view of Aristotelous Square in a very special atmosphere. You are at the home of the Thessaloniki Film Festival!

At the crossroads of Komninon and Kalapothaki Str. An urban coffee bar.

Duende Jazz Bar
Α jazz bar that often features musicians from the Greek and international jazz scene. Kalapothaki Str.

Since the ’90s. Its unique decoration as well as the music it plays makes it a very special place to be.

Join the Juice
For a fresh fruit juice at the seafront with a view and wi-fi.

Café Nikis 35
For good coffee and cool music.

The Last Slice I
Really tasty pizzas by the slice. At the beginning of Proxenou Koromila Str.

In the corner of Aristotelous Sq. and Tsmiski Str, where the heart of the city beats, you can grab a snack 24/7.

O Gyros tis Aristotelous
For the famous Pita Gyros. Aristotelous Str.

Spitiko, Laboratory
Vasileos Irakliou, before Komninon Str. A pie laboratory. The tastiest spinach pie ever!

The Seafront at the begining of the 20th century.

Nikis Avenue: The Old Seafront promenade!

The most iconic street of the city, the part of its seafront between the White Tower and the harbor, is Nikis Avenue, the Old Seafront promenade.

Despite its narrowness, Nikis Avenue remains “Our Beloved Promenade”. The city has grown, its population multiplied, but Nikis Avenue remains the same, unchanged, regarding its width, at least. All proposals for its widening have fallen through. And there have been many: redevelopment and expansion, undersea tunnel, pedestrianisation, wooden expansion. None of them materialised and the Old Seafront promenade stubbornly remains “the guardian” of city’s image façade for over a century. And this, despite the contradictory fact that few are the historic buildings still standing on this street, since their vast majority have been demolished and replaced by “luxury” buildings.

There are always people along Nikis promenade; this is guaranteed for its hangouts. The quality options though, are few and specific. And many Sundays, when Nikis Avenue is temporarily pedestrianised, it gets so packed with people strolling along, enjoying the walk by the sea with a view to Mt Olympus and the magnificent sunsets.

To the east of the White Tower lies the New Seafront promenade, a wider, redeveloped version of the Old one, where you can indulge yourself in a wonderful stroll by the sea with a lot of surprises, thematic parks, cultural activities and magnificent sunsets. Five kilometers from the Music Hall to the harbor, right next to the water.

A Culinary Tour

A few words about the centre of Thessaloniki
The centre of Thessaloniki is small and compact. You can walk from its East-End to its West-End in 30 minutes (walking fast – no window shopping). We can say, however, that it comprises four distinct zones that differ from one another in style, atmosphere, as well as the functions they serve:

A: White Tower and its environs

B: Marketplace & Nikis Av.

C: Limáni & the Ladádika

D: Above Egnatia

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