THESi aims to facilitate search and finding of a parking place in the city, to prevent illegal parking and all the problems this causes in Thessaloniki as well as to relieve to traffic congestion. Scroll down to learn more.

Your nearest parking spot is just a few clicks away!

Parking in the centre of Thessaloniki is rarely easy and can often be quite a headache. You have the choice between parking on the street or in a private parking. It is strictly prohibited to double park, to park in no-stopping zones, and in spaces reserved for the disabled or for deliveries (blue zones: residents only; yellow: special needs and only white for visitors).

We provide a map with the nearest private parkings and explain how you can take advantage of the new Controlled Parking System of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (THESi), which will help Thessaloniki become a “smart” city. Parking your car in the centre can be a problem if you don’t plan in advance. Although the city centre does have a large number of parking facilities the car parks fill up quickly or have limited spaces. Click on a spot to reveal info such address, working hours, phone and walking distance (in metres and minutes) from ROOSTER Palama Apartment.



ParkPal app

With the ParkPal app you can park your vehicle in Thessaloniki. Sign up, top up your e-wallet and park your vehicle. Top up is easy via a kiosk or online via the app. You only pay for the real parking time.

Days and hours in effect
The system runs from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 16:00. Sundays and public holidays are free of charge.

How many hours you can park
Maximum parking is 4 hours per sector. After the maximum parking time has expired, the driver has to move his vehicle to another area otherwise he will receive a parking ticket.

Parking cost
Parking cost is 1,70 €/hour. Registered users pay the costs proportionally to their time of parking. That is, if someone parked for 50 minutes he will pay the due amount and not the amount for a whole hour.

Registered Users
Once you have registered with THESi (registration & operation procedure here), you can pay for your car’s parking time in a visitor’s space with the electronic wallet, to which you add money using a credit or debit card, web banking or POS. You can end your parking session whenever you want. You only pay for the real parking time. You enter the license plate number and the parking area of the vehicle, as follows:

  • By phone call to 15102 or +30 2312 315404
  • By sms at +30 6980 255555
  • Through the ParkPal App

Non-registered Users
If you are not registered, you can easily pay for your parking time at the nearest 400 points of sale (POS, mini market) via POS, simply stating the vehicle registration plate and without returning to the vehicle to leave a payment ticket.

In the following tab (Points of time sale) you’ll find a map with your nearest time sales points.

Find the time sales points
The data you will need is the license plate number and the area marked on the information sign which is located on each side of the building block where the controlled parking is in effect.

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